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May 17, 2023 10 min read

The third round of the Western Province Kart Championships took place at Killarney International Raceway on a cold and windy day, creating ideal conditions for high horsepower and quick lap times. The event showcased a thrilling display of on-track action, with drivers vying for dominance in their respective classes. Notably, the Rotax Classes marked an important milestone, as they scored valuable SARMC National points. With each class producing its fair share of standout performances and emerging winners, the stage was set for an exciting Round 4 of the championship.

Bambino (5th – 9th birthday)

The Bambino class, featuring drivers aged 5-9, witnessed a thrilling competition with nine entries vying for the top positions. The race saw the emergence of a new regional race winner, adding excitement to the championship standings.

Yaqeen Gamieldien showcased remarkable skill and determination as he claimed the top spot, becoming the new winner in the class. Michael O’Mahoney, previously holding the top spot, faced tough competition but secured a respectable position nonetheless. Radhi Harris delivered an amazing drive in his debut race, earning a well-deserved podium finish. Carter Cedras performed exceptionally well, finishing as the best of the rest. Slater Smith displayed a solid performance, while Caleb Lingeveldt and Ebrahim Khalpey showcased consistent improvements in their performance. Jake Steyn and Jacques Lewis encountered a challenging day on the track.

With Yaqeen Gamieldien’s victory, the title race has become more intriguing, and Michael O’Mahoney now faces a significant challenge. Round 4 of the championship will play a crucial role in shaping the standings and determining the ultimate winner. The upcoming round promises intense competition and thrilling battles as these talented young drivers continue to push their limits on the track.

Micro MAX (7th – 11th birthday)

The Micro Max class, featuring drivers aged 7-11, showcased an impressive display of talent and competition with seven entries. The race witnessed the emergence of a new regional race winner, adding an element of surprise to the championship.

Liam Wharton took centre stage, delivering a stellar performance and securing his first Micro Max Overall win. Wharton dominated the races with three impressive victories, showcasing his skills and determination on the track. Michael O’Mahoney also had a great drive, demonstrating his capabilities and securing a notable position. Jayden van der Merwe made massive gains and displayed remarkable progress as a young driver. Carter Cedras showcased his versatility by adding a commendable fourth-place finish in Micro Max to his previous fourth-place finish in Bambino. Zac Hindley and Mia Hermanus consistently improved their performance, making notable gains with each race. Ruan Lewis faced a challenging day on the track.

Liam Wharton’s outstanding performance has significantly shaken up the title challenge in the Micro Max class. With his victory, the competition has been blown wide open, leaving the championship standings unpredictable and exciting. The upcoming races promise to be fiercely contested as the talented young drivers push themselves to the limit. The Micro Max category is undoubtedly one to watch, as the drivers continue to impress and shape the outcome of the championship.

Mini ROK (8th – 13th birthday)

The Mini Rok class, featuring drivers aged 8-12, showcased intense competition with a total of 10 entries. The top three finishers were inseparable, creating an exciting battle throughout the races. Sebastiano Human once again demonstrated his skill and determination with another great drive, securing the top spot. Max Boshoff chased Human relentlessly, giving it his all but ultimately finishing in a commendable second place. Daniel Arendse delivered a wonderful drive, earning a well-deserved podium finish. Aadiv Singh showcased consistency and a solid performance throughout the day, while Zac Boshoff, a former Bambino star, had a good day but will undoubtedly be looking for more. Onwabile Mcinga and Ruhan Victor displayed solid performances, contributing to the intense competition. Max Denisov had a challenging outing, while Logan Roehrig will be eager to achieve better results in the next round. Ethan Azar faced a tough day on the track.

Sebastiano Human’s continued dominance in the class is evident, but the competition is fierce and promises an exhilarating Round 4. The Mini Rok drivers are pushing themselves to their limits, ensuring an intense battle for the top positions. With the skills and determination on display, Round 4 is shaping up to be a thrilling spectacle for both the drivers and spectators.

Mini MAX (9th – 13th birthday)

The Mini Max class, comprising drivers aged 9-13, featured eight talented entries. Once again, it was a masterclass from Keagan Beaumont, who demonstrated his dominance by securing three consecutive wins, leaving the rest of the field in his wake. Nicholas Lennox achieved one of his best results to date, showcasing his growing skills and securing a commendable position. Franco Bensch delivered a solid performance, earning a spot on the podium. Liam Koekemoer displayed improvement and achieved a better result, continuing to make gains in his performance. Aleksandar Praizovic and Zach McAuley showcased consistent performances, contributing to the intensity of the competition.

A standout performer of the day was Michael Danks, who showcased remarkable speed after stepping up from the Micro Max class. Although he suffered from unfavorable race results that impacted his overall position, Danks impressed with his exceptional pace. Cody Schultz, despite a challenging day, had an impressive start to the season, and Round 4 will be crucial for his comeback.

With Keagan Beaumont’s dominant display, the title race in the Mini Max class has become more challenging. Michael O’Mahoney now faces a significant challenge in his pursuit of the title, and Round 4 will play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the championship. The upcoming round promises intense competition and will be a decisive factor in shaping the standings. The Mini Max drivers will undoubtedly push themselves to their limits, creating an exciting spectacle for both competitors and spectators alike.

Junior MAX (12th – 14th birthday)

The Junior Max category, featuring highly talented drivers aged 12-14, witnessed intense competition with ten entries. It was a challenging battle for the overall winner, Reese Koorzen, as he was pushed to the limit in every race. Koorzen showcased exceptional skill and determination, ultimately emerging as the victor. William Marshall displayed incredible talent, delivering one of his best performances and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. Joshua Smit’s top drive earned him a well-deserved podium finish, marking his best result of the season.

Jordon Wadeley demonstrated impressive pace, although luck was not on his side during the races. Keagan Beaumont showcased crazy speed and engaged in thrilling battles on the track. James Nash made significant gains and consistently pushed for a top spot. Cole Hewetson delivered a solid performance, showcasing his capabilities in this highly competitive field. Jude Stuart and Ethan Deacon faced a challenging day, encountering difficulties on the track. Anwill April continued to learn and improve with each outing, showcasing his potential.

The Junior Max class is undeniably tightly contested, with drivers pushing themselves to the absolute limit. The skill and determination displayed by these young drivers are a treat to witness. The question remains: Can someone knock Koorzen off the top spot in Round 4? The upcoming round promises fierce competition as drivers strive to claim victory and alter the standings. With the level of talent and determination in this class, anything can happen, making it an exhilarating category to follow throughout the championship.

Senior MAX (14th birthday +)

In the Senior Max category, where drivers aged 14 and over compete, there were eight entries, and the competition at the sharp end was tightly contested. Charl Visser emerged as the standout performer, securing three wins. However, his victories did not come easily, as he had to rely on his experience and skill to claim the top spot. Visser showcased his mastery of the track and demonstrated why he is a force to be reckoned with in this category.

Matthew Wadeley delivered a great performance, showcasing his talent and determination throughout the races. Storm Lanfear displayed a solid drive, consistently challenging the frontrunners. Zac Laden achieved excellent results, narrowly missing out on a podium finish but leaving a strong impression on the field. Julius Schwager produced one of his best performances, highlighting his capabilities as a competitor.

Despite encountering a setback with a DNF in race 1, Ethan Stier had an otherwise impressive day, showcasing his potential. Lucas Aladag demonstrated progress and moved forward in the standings. Gabriele Gazzilli made good progress, highlighting his growth as a competitor.

While the results may suggest a dominant performance by Visser, it is essential to acknowledge the stiff competition he faced. The other drivers pushed him to his limits, and he had to draw on all his experience to secure victory. The Senior Max category is highly competitive, with skilled drivers vying for the top positions. As the championship progresses, the battles at the front are expected to intensify, promising thrilling races and unpredictable outcomes.

DD2 (15th birthday +) and DD2 Masters (32nd birthday +)

In the premier class for drivers aged 15 and over, the competition was intense with a total of 13 entries, including the masters. The battles at the front of the pack were absolutely hectic, showcasing the incredible talent and skill of the drivers. Sebastian Boyd emerged as the top performer of the day, securing two race wins that ultimately granted him the overall victory. Boyd’s experience as the 2022 National Champion was evident as he displayed exceptional pace and racecraft.

Joseph Oelz showcased incredible speed throughout the races, but unfortunately, some off-track excursions hindered his overall performance. Despite the setbacks, Oelz’s talent was undeniable, and he proved to be a formidable competitor. Jason Coetzee displayed a mature drive, recovering from contact in some of the races to secure a well-deserved third step on the podium. Although victory eluded him, Coetzee’s resilience and skill were evident.

Jaden Jacobs delivered his best performance to date, showcasing impressive pace and earning the accolade of “best of the rest.” His progress and determination were commendable. Reza Levy made a strong impression in his DD2 debut, leaving a mark with his impressive performance on the track.

The racing action was non-stop and lived up to the expectations, providing thrilling moments from start to finish. Boyd emerged as the victor, but the competition is far from over. The upcoming Round 4 promises to reignite the war among the drivers, as they battle for supremacy on the track. With the high level of talent and fierce competition, spectators can anticipate more exhilarating races and a thrilling championship season.


For drivers over 32 years old, the DD2 Masters category showcased a field of eight entries, and it was a momentous occasion as Jared Jordan secured his first overall victory. The competition was fierce, and Jordan’s exceptional performance marked his presence in the Championship with a display of insane speed and remarkable driving skills.

Conor Hughes, a long-standing contender in the category, was knocked off the top spot for the first time in a while. His strong track record speaks volumes about his talent and consistency. Michael Jordan, the second Jordan brother, also made his mark on the podium, delivering one of his best drives to date. The presence of both Jordans among the top finishers added an exciting dynamic to the competition.

Neville Chapman faced a challenging day as he returned to the saddle, encountering obstacles along the way. Niel Lambrechts emerged as the standout driver of the day, showcasing his best race results to date and earning the title of “Driver of the Day.” Lambrechts’ top performance demonstrated his skill and determination on the track.

Robert Peche made a respectful return to racing, displaying quick lap times and signalling his potential to become a threat as the season progresses. Despite facing kart issues, Johan Hamman persevered through a challenging day, showcasing his resilience and determination. Andrew Thomas faced a tough return to competitive racing but demonstrated his commitment to the sport.

The DD2 Masters category provided thrilling racing action and showcased the talent and experience of drivers over 32 years old. Jared Jordan’s breakthrough victory adds an exciting element to the championship, raising the level of competition and setting the stage for intense battles in the upcoming rounds. With the skill and determination on display from all the competitors, spectators can anticipate more exhilarating races and a highly competitive season in the DD2 Masters category.


The WP Clubmans category offers an exhilarating club racing environment for drivers who seek the thrill of racing just one inch from the ground while enjoying a fantastic time both on and off the track. With ten entries in the competition, Chairman Sean le Riche emerged as the overall winner, showcasing an outstanding drive that he can be immensely proud of.

Joining le Riche on the podium was PJ Garbutt, adding to the excitement with another golden oldie securing a top-two finish. Garbutt’s great drive demonstrated the skill and experience that shines through in the Clubmans category. Declan O’Connor had an impressive day in the seat, delivering a notable performance that caught the attention of spectators and competitors alike.

Luca Wehrli, despite facing some exclusions, displayed his talent and determination, securing the position of “best of the rest” in the overall results. Christopher Flack demonstrated one of his best drives, showcasing his capabilities on the track. Jade Smith delivered a solid performance throughout the day, consistently demonstrating skill and composure.

Andrew Thomas had a blast returning to the Clubmans class, embracing the fun and excitement of the racing environment. Jerome Alfred showed remarkable progress, learning fast with every lap he completed. Andre le Riche experienced mixed results, with two race wins that were overshadowed by an exclusion in race 3. Jade Lanfear had an up-and-down day, encountering a DNF in race one but bouncing back with a win in race 3.

The WP Clubmans category provided one of the day’s highlights, with plenty of on-track wheel-to-wheel action, thrilling come-from-behind drives, and pure adrenaline coursing through the races. Spectators were treated to a display of intense competition and skill, making it evident that the championship is well and truly underway. With each race delivering excitement and surprises, the WP Clubmans category promises to offer a memorable season filled with close battles and captivating moments both on and off the track.


The third round of the Western Province Kart Championships showcased intense competition, spectacular on-track action, and standout performances across multiple classes. New winners emerged, challenging the established leaders and setting the stage for a highly anticipated Round 4. With the championship battles heating up, the upcoming event on 3 June promises to be a thrilling affair. The drivers are honing their skills and pushing their limits, making the Western Province Kart Championships a must-watch for motorsport enthusiasts.

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