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June 09, 2023 3 min read

Johannesburg, June 09– Fabienne Lanz, a trailblazer in the world of motorsports and an advocate for gender equality is pleased to announce that her upcoming 3-day Motorsports Girls Camp has garnered the official support of the prominent organization For The Win’s ROK Cup South Africa.

The ROK Cup karting series is an international karting experience that is now expanding its priorities and aligning with the demands of today’s motorsports supporters which increasingly sees a growth in women showing an interest in the industry. For many years, women in sports have been an afterthought when it comes to support, however, the narrative is changing in a more positive direction. Supporting women allows ROK Cup to actively contribute to the investment and promotion of inclusivity in a meaningful way.

For The Win Motorsport, the official ROK importer and distributor for Africa will be supporting the Girls Camp initiative by founder Fabienne Lanz. 8 girls will be immersed in a 3 day Camp with activities including karting mechanics, fitness and brand building. This is a significant step toward creating an industry that wholeheartedly embraces the dreams of young ladies who want to partake and make a difference with this sporting field.

The support from FTW and Rok Cup South Africa for Fabienne Lanz's vision and aspirations for women in motorsport is a ground-breaking development. On behalf of ROK Cup Operations Manager, John Duvill says “We are proud to be associated with the Girls Camp and applaud Fabienne for the work she is doing in and for the motorsport industry.” This partnership sets the tone for a concerted effort in the motorsports industry to be intentional about supporting and empowering women. Lanz's Motorsports Girls Camp will serve as a platform for aspiring female racers to gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experience in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Fabienne Lanz expressed her gratitude for the official endorsement, stating, "I am thrilled to have the support of Rok Cup South Africa by For The Win Motorsport. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse motorsports community. With their backing, we can pave the way for aspiring female racers to realize their full potential and make significant contributions to the world of motorsports."

For The Win Motorsport encourages individuals, sponsors, and motorsports enthusiasts to embrace this landmark partnership with Fabienne Lanz and join them in championing the cause of women in motorsport.




For further information, please contact the PR Team:

Brands By Gene

Mbali Sibeko

Email: brandsbygene@gmail.com

Fabienne Lanz

Founder, Motorsports Girls Camp

Email: fabienne@fabienneracing.com

For The Win Motorsport

Email: admin@ftwmotorsport.com

ROK Cup South Africa



About Fabienne Lanz

Fabienne Lanz is a highly accomplished figure in the world of motorsports, recognized for her pioneering efforts in promoting gender equality and empowering women in the industry. Through her Motorsports Girls Camp, she provides a unique platform for aspiring female racers to enhance their skills and pursue their passion for motorsports.


About For The Win Motorsport (FTW)

For The Win Motorsport is the official ROK importer and distributor for Africa. With a strong commitment to promoting karting and supporting motorsports development in the region, FTW is a key player in driving the growth and popularity of the ROK Cup karting series.

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