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May 17, 2023 2 min read

13th May 2023 the start of the Namibian Championship for karting Leg 4 in Windhoek hosted by Cema Racing. This was the fourth round of the Rok championship in Namibia and there were 4 Kid Rok and 3 Mini Rok karters in action.

It was a good start to the day with the weather playing along nicely.
The 4 kids in Kid Rok where very close to each other during the race swoping places almost every lap.
Kristopher Koudelka (16) came Third because of his bad luck during the 3rd heat  with Milla Botha(5) Second and she won her first Heat in Heat 2, Hermann Schouw (15) came first  he had a very good race in heat 2 and heat 3 . Petrus du Plooy (36) came fourth for the day although he fought very hard with the other drivers

In the Mini Rok Class Cecil Jnr was flying with a personal best time of 36.6  sec around the track
Cecil Koorts (44) came First with Kirsten Koudelka (24) in third   with a time of 38.58 she had a bit of bad luck in heat 1 ,with a chain that came off and in heat 2 the kart died and did not want to start, Joane Kotze (12)  second  ,this was her third race in the Mini Rok class. unfortunately our 4th karter could not make it.
We at Cema Racing are busy with a development  lady driver that will be racing in her first event on the 15 June 2023

We have 4 Female drivers at the moment, and hope we can get more in our Rok Classes.
Our next race is on the 15th June in Windhoek hope to have at that race 4 Kid Rok and 6 Mini Rok karters

We would like to thank Cema Racing and all the other Sponsor for this great Event.
Cecil Koorts
Rok Namibia+264 81 3003971

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