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July 06, 2024 2 min read

In December 2023, the FIA initiated a comprehensive karting reform project to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in motor sport. Led by Akbar Ebrahim, this initiative focuses on the ‘Arrive and Drive’ karting formula, which aims to eliminate economic barriers and expand participation in karting. This project seeks to broaden the base of the karting pyramid, enabling newcomers to progress to national and international competitions.

The ‘Arrive and Drive’ model is designed to be inclusive, affordable, and accessible, providing individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds with the opportunity to experience karting. It calls for National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) to establish partnerships with local tracks and rental providers, backed by CIK and FIA. These partnerships enable ASNs to offer low-cost karting competitions, tapping into the success and popularity of the global leisure karting industry. The benefits include increased participation, enhanced capacity to promote youth involvement, additional revenue streams, and the foundation for a global amateur competition platform. 

The project has seen considerable success in Hungary with the Gokart Szlalom initiative, run by the National Automobilsport Federation of Hungary (MNASZ), and launched in March 2024. Supported by the Hungarian Mobility Development Agency, State Secretary of Sport and major municipalities, this program has introduced karting to over 1,700 newcomers through a roadshow that visited 11 cities. Due to high demand, plans are in place to expand the tour to additional cities and schools. The initiative features free participation for drivers aged seven and above, promoting inclusivity and sustainability through the use of electric karts. The program has also facilitated technical development in collaboration with the Technical University of Györ.

MNASZ President Zoltán Szujó commented: "The Gokart Szlalom initiative has been a tremendous success, bringing the excitement of karting to many young Hungarians for the first time. This project not only promotes motor sport but also emphasises sustainability and innovation. We are thrilled to see the positive impact and look forward to expanding our reach even further."

The FIA's karting reform project has made significant progress in a short time, demonstrating the potential to make motor sport more accessible and affordable. Future plans include expanding these models to additional countries and continuing to innovate in affordable motor sport. For more information on the FIA's karting reform project, visit FIA Karting Inclusive Karting.

This initiative reflects the FIA's dedication to fostering a more inclusive and diverse motor sport culture, nurturing the next generation of drivers and enthusiasts, and ensuring that the passion for racing and recreational karting is accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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