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May 04, 2023 4 min read

On the occasion of the final race in Cremona, the Tony Kart Racer 401 RR builds upon its success from the previous year and wins the 2023 title in the OK category with James Egozi. Plaque for Pavan, who is still considered a "Senior."

As in 2022, our Tony Kart Racing Team finishes first in the OK category as the WSK Super Master Series comes to a close. James Egozi, the 2023 champion on the Cremona Karting circuit, is in the lead after the first round after a decisive victory in Lonato and the author of a third place in Sarno. He is driving a Tony Kart Racer 401 RR chassis that is powered by a Vortex VTS, the latter of which soon won in its debut season.  Good results in the championship's final round were also seen in the KZ2 and OKJ classes, where the "401 RR" chassis and OTK Kart Group's "engine division" engines were used, as well as the two MINI classes, where the Tony Kart Rookie and the VTM Vortex unit were used.

Egozi shown maturity in the last round of the OK category. The American driver performs well in the qualifying heats, recording a fast lap and a third place as his best finish. On Sunday morning's B pre-final, he is able to separate from the pack, finishing in fourth place and displaying his track speed with a "best lap." James chooses not to take needless chances and finishes the race at the bottom of the podium in the decisive final. Egozi brilliantly leaps at the start and quickly moves up to second position, but James is still ahead of his immediate competitors for the championship. Since the first stage at Lonato, our driver has been in first place overall, and it is an unrecognized victory for him.

In Cremona, Sebastiano Pavan also assumes a prominent role over the course of the weekend. The Italian drivers finish the qualifying heats in the Top 5, finishing second as well. As a consequence, they move up to sixth place in the intermediate rankings, moving up from third in the B pre-final. In the final, Pavan runs riot and, with tremendous tenacity, takes the bottom step of the podium and a spot among the top 10 in the championship, rewarding his continuous improvement during the early part of the season.

Luigi Coluccio establishes a strong run, finishing within striking distance of the Top 5 in the A pre-final and being a top-10 contender in the final. Unfortunately, a 5-second fine for having the front fairing in the incorrect position ruins the Italian's performance. Despite this, he is still among the top six drivers overall. Arthur Poulain and Jan Przyrowski, who were both able to make it to the final, had a challenging weekend. On the other side, Zoe Florescu Potolea is unable to compete in the Sunday's championship race due to a halt in the A prefinal.

Our Tom Leuillet is one among the competitors in the KZ2 category, but he encounters difficulties during the qualifying heats and is forced to withdraw after colliding with another competitor. The French driver doesn't give up and displays all of his skills in the final: at the start, he jumps up to sixth position with a scorching sprint, and after seven laps, he moves up to fourth. Leuillet stays close to the three drivers in front of him, but he is unable to reach the podium owing to the Cremona track's design as well.

Norton Andreasson had a successful championship final round. The young Swedish driver shows he has the ability to produce a noteworthy outcome despite a DNF in the second heat; in fact, on Sunday, he finishes the pre-final in the Top 10 and repeats himself in the final. However, Samuel and Jean Luyet have had bad luck because they both contributed to three of the top finishes in the qualifying heats. In particular, Jean achieves a third place in the second heat, before receiving a 5-second penalty for having his front fairing in the wrong position, but not due to any negligence on his part. In any event, the two Swiss drivers get a key starting position in the top 10 for the championship race. Unfortunately, a crash in the first few corners forces Jean (who also finished fourth in the pre-final) to raise the white flag, while Samuel keeps going despite dropping several spots in the standings.

Our finest representative in the OKJ division is Scott Kin Lindblom, who is vying for a podium spot in the competition. The Swedish driver starts the weekend in fifth place in the standings and finishes fifth in both the A pre-final and the qualifying heats, where she also earned three Top 3 finishes. Lindblom starts the final in third place after just one lap, but multiple hand-to-hand fights push him closer to a Top 5 finish.

Significant outcomes for Kirill Dzitiev in the elimination rounds, when his highest finish was fourth. He makes an 11-place comeback in the B pre-final, taking the Top 5 and qualifying for the final. Alp Hasan Aksoy makes up for his lackluster qualifying performance by moving up 46 spots in the intermediate rankings and earning a spot in the last race of the weekend. In light of the approaching events, Davide Bottaro also put on interesting performances.

Ilie Tristan Crisan is once again impressive in the MINI Gr.3: he wins and finishes third in the qualifying heats, places third in the intermediate driver standings, and finishes fifth in the final after making a five-position recovery. Ludovico Mazzola put in a strong effort as well, competing all the way to the Top 15. Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi runs well in the MINI Gr.3 U10, finishing second in both of the eliminatory heats before winning the B pre-final on Sunday morning.The Australian driver is a front-runner for a prominent position in the championship, and when the lights go down, he lives up to the hype: he seizes the lead and engages in a fierce battle for victory. But in the final, he was struck by a rival, which prevented him from reaching the podium as planned, and he came in fourth.

The second round of the Champions of the Future, which is just for the OK and OKJ categories, will be held in Tinec from March 4–7. Our Tony Kart Racing will return to the track during this time, traveling from Italy to the Czech Republic.

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