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June 08, 2023 13 min read

The weather gods had a surprise in store for the drivers and spectators at Killarney International Raceway on Saturday, June 3, 2023. Round 4 of the Western Province Kart Championships was marked by a deluge of rain, resulting in wet track conditions that persisted throughout the day. As the heavens opened up, the racing teams faced an unexpected challenge, testing their skills and resilience in adverse weather conditions.

Due to the loss of time caused by the flooded circuit, only two heats were completed during the event. However, despite the limited racing opportunities, the competitors showcased their determination and skill on the slick track. It was a true test of their abilities to navigate the treacherous surface, pushing the limits of their karting prowess.

In these wet and challenging conditions, the rain masters emerged as the stars of the day. These skilled drivers demonstrated their exceptional car control and mastery of the slippery surface, gaining an advantage over their competitors. Their ability to adapt to the changing track conditions set them apart and allowed them to shine amidst the rain-soaked race day.

Unfortunately, the inclement weather also brought about a few accidents throughout the event. As the drivers pushed the limits, a number of incidents occurred, necessitating the assistance of on-track medical services. Our thoughts and well wishes go out to all those who were injured during these incidents, and we hope for their swift and complete recovery.

Bambino (5th – 9th birthday)

The Bambino class featured a total of nine entries, showcasing the emerging talent of young drivers.

Yaqeen Gamieldien emerged as the day’s standout performer, bouncing back from a challenging Race 1 to secure victory in Race 2 and claim the top spot overall. Gamieldien’s determination and skill demonstrated his ability to adapt to wet track conditions. Slater Smith showcased his wet weather skills as well, securing second place overall with a strong performance. Michael O’Mahoney, who won Race 1, unfortunately, suffered a did not finish (DNF) in Race 2, resulting in him finishing third overall on the day. Carter Cedras displayed a commendable performance, finishing just outside the overall podium and Ebrahim Khalfey achieved his best result, hinting at his potential as a wet weather specialist.

Jake Steyn fought hard throughout the day, showcasing his competitive spirit along with Radhi Harris who impressed. Caleb Lingeveldt delivered an awesome drive in Race 2, securing him the Strive Racing Driver of the Day award while Luke du Toit, after a strong qualifying performance in the wet, unfortunately did not score in the final race of the day.

Yaqeen Gamieldien’s overall victory has significantly bolstered his championship battle against Michael O’Mahoney. O’Mahoney’s exit from the second race will likely be a dropped score as the season progresses, giving Gamieldien an advantage in the title chase. The focus for these young drivers now shifts to the upcoming National race before the regional Round 5 takes place in August. The battle for supremacy in the Bambino class is sure to intensify, as these talented youngsters continue to showcase their skills and vie for championship glory.

Micro MAX (7th – 11th birthday)

The Micro Max class featured 14 highly talented young racing drivers who took on challenging and slippery track conditions. The race day was filled with action and excitement, with the Gauteng drivers dominating the podium and showcasing their wet weather prowess.

Brodi Dowling and Ronaldo Koen, speedsters from the Northern Regions, displayed their exceptional skills in wet conditions, sharing the wins and finishing first and second overall, respectively. Michael O’Mahoney should be proud of his third-place finish overall, which also earned him valuable points towards his regional championship. Ruben Gelderblom, Carter Cedras, and Zac Hindley, local drivers, secured a trio of impressive results, leaving them satisfied with their performances while Kiyaan Reddi, Benjamin Gibhard, and Jayden van der Merwe also demonstrated moments of promise on the slippery track. In the midst of the difficult conditions, some drivers faced challenging moments. Ashaan Reddi, Michael Danks, Liam Wharton, Callum du Toit, and Mia Hermanus encountered various difficulties throughout the day.

The Gauteng drivers made the most of the wet weather track conditions, gaining valuable experience and track time ahead of the RMC National event scheduled for July. Michael O’Mahoney emerged as the biggest points gainer regionally, solidifying his position and building momentum towards future races. Alongside the rest of the Western Province Karters, O’Mahoney will be eager to showcase his skills and take on the challenge posed by drivers from across the country when they return for the RMC National. The experience gained from competing in the slippery conditions at Round 4 will undoubtedly contribute to their confidence and performance in future, as they aim to excel on both regional and national levels.

Kid Rok

Kid Rok, consisting of five talented drivers, made their presence felt. With the upcoming Rok National event on the horizon, the drivers used this opportunity to prepare and showcase their skills on the track.

Kayde Cornofsky, hailing from Gauteng, delivered a dominant performance with two wins, establishing himself as the driver to beat in the Kid Rok class. Local racer Zac Boshoff displayed his potential as a formidable competitor, indicating that he will pose a significant threat in the upcoming National event. Kristopher Koudelke and JP du Plooy, representing Namibia, adapted well to the new track, with Koudelke emerging victorious in their battle and securing third place overall while Logan Roehrig encountered a challenging start, failing to score points in the first race. However, he showcased resilience and rebounded to claim third place in the final race, ending up fifth overall.

Overall, the Kid Rok class delivered thrilling racing and all drivers can be pleased with their performances and valuable track time in preparation for the upcoming Rok National event. As the anticipation builds for the National event, it is clear that the competition will be fierce, with Cornofsky emerging as the driver to watch.

Mini Rok (8th – 13th birthday)

The Mini Rok class witnessed an intense battle among 14 young and talented drivers. The tricky track conditions posed a challenge for the competitors, but it was an epic showdown between Gauteng driver Mattao Mason and local star Max Boshoff that stole the spotlight.

Mattao Mason put on a wet weather masterclass, showcasing his exceptional skills and securing two wins to claim the overall victory as Max Boshoff displayed his talents and achieved one of his best regional results of the season, highlighting his prowess in the difficult conditions. Sebastien Blignaut should be proud of his podium finish, which solidified his position among the top competitors. Logan Billau delivered a steady performance, earning him the title of the best of the rest with a respectable fourth-place finish overall while Sebastiano Human faced challenges throughout the day, impacting his championship campaign.

Aashay Nagura showed promise with a third-place finish in Race 1, but an unfortunate result in Race 2 dashed his chances of a podium finish. Max Denisov, Manelisi Nkomo, and Logan Roehrig also gave their best efforts in the wet conditions as Maddox Mason bounced back after a difficult Race 1, securing a fourth-place finish in the final race of the day. Cecil Koorts, despite limited experience in rainy conditions in Namibia, can be satisfied with his wet Cape Town experience. Meanwhile, Zac Boshoff, Aadiv Singh, and Ruhan Victor faced a challenging day on the track.

The Gauteng drivers, particularly Mattao Mason, demonstrated their skills and adaptability in the tricky track conditions. Mason’s dominant performances highlighted his mastery of wet weather racing, securing him two wins and the overall victory. Max Boshoff’s strong result did wonders for his 2023 Regional Championship campaign, solidifying his standing among the top competitors. The competition in the Mini Rok class was fierce, and each driver faced unique challenges on the wet track. The experiences gained from navigating these difficult conditions will undoubtedly contribute to their growth and development as karting talents. As the championship progresses, all eyes will be on these skilled young drivers as they continue to battle it out for regional and national honours in the thrilling world of kart racing.

Mini MAX (9th – 13th birthday)

The Mini Max class featured 13 talented entries, and once again, Keagan Beaumont emerged as the dominant force. This time, the competitors had to navigate the challenging wet track conditions, providing an extra layer of difficulty. Despite facing top-quality competition, Beaumont showcased his skills and determination, securing another regional win and extending his Championship lead.

Beaumont continued his winning streak, triumphing once again and solidifying his position as the frontrunner in the championship. Caleb Odendaal from Gauteng put up a strong fight, beating Beaumont in Race 1 before having to battle his way back through the pack in Race 2 and Nicholas Lennox delivered another stellar performance, demonstrating his talent and competitiveness.

Emma Dowling gained valuable wet weather experience around Killarney and narrowly missed out on a podium finish and Franco Bensch, a rookie, impressed with another great drive, showcasing his growth and ability to handle himself in challenging conditions. Kegan Martin faced difficulties away from home but used the race as good preparation for the upcoming national event while Cody Schultz had some struggles in the wet but will have the opportunity to make amends when the national takes place. Franco Gibhard, Jesse Swart, Sebastian Geldenhuys, Aleksandar Praizovic, and Zach McAuley encountered challenges in the difficult conditions and Michael Danks had a disappointing race, scoring zero points in Race 1, which affected his overall hopes for the day.

Beaumont has been on an impressive streak in 2023, and his performance at Round 4 showcased his skill and determination against some of the top Mini Max drivers in the country. The weekend’s race provided valuable learning experiences for Beaumont and his competitors as they prepare for the RMC National event in a month’s time. The high level of competition and the challenging wet track conditions served as a valuable test for these young drivers, allowing them to fine-tune their skills and strategies. With Beaumont leading the charge, the Mini Max class promises to deliver thrilling racing and fierce competition in the upcoming national event, as the drivers aim to make their mark on the karting scene and vie for top honours.

Junior MAX (12th – 14th birthday)

Junior Max boasted 13 entries filled with talented young drivers. It was a race packed with excitement and skill, as the competitors showcased their abilities on the wet circuit. Jonno Wilson emerged as the victor, displaying impressive wet-weather driving skills, while local racers Jordon Wadeley and William Marshall demonstrated their prowess to round off the podium.

Wilson, the out-of-town racer, claimed the overall victory with a win in Race 1 on slicks as the rain poured down, followed by a second-place finish in Race 2. Jordon Wadeley, after a strong qualifying session, held his ground in Race 1, securing second place and ultimately finishing second overall. William Marshall showcased scintillating form in Race 2, charging to victory and securing third place overall. Mauro Da Luz and Wian Boshoff, Gauteng drivers, finished just ahead of local racer James Nash, rounding out the top six positions.

Gianna Pascal had a steady performance, finishing in seventh place and impressing in her first attempt at a wet Killarney while Reese Koorzen endured a challenging day down the order and Ethan Deacon struggled to convert his efforts into a favourable result. Cole Hewetson, Keagan Beaumont, Anwill April, and female racer Georgia Lenaerts completed the results.

While Jonno Wilson took the overall win in the Junior Max class, the standout performer and the biggest winner of the day was Jordon Wadeley, reigniting his Regional Championship charge with a strong performance. William Marshall also showcased his talent and skill, bolstering his position in the championship standings. On the other hand, current leader Reese Koorzen experienced a challenging day that he will likely discard as he looks ahead to the remainder of the season. The competition in the Junior Max class remains intense, and the results from this race will undoubtedly shape the dynamics of the championship battle when regional racing resumes in August. These talented young drivers will have ample opportunity to refine their skills and strategies, bringing forth an exciting and closely-fought contest in the upcoming races.

Senior MAX (14th birthday +)

Senior Max featured 12 highly skilled entries, and the race proved to be action-packed from start to finish. Charl Visser, the reigning 2022 National Champion, emerged as the winner, showcasing superb driving skills. However, Visser faced stiff competition from a talented group of drivers who pushed him to his limits.

Visser demonstrated his prowess on the track, securing the win. The results sheet might suggest dominance, but Visser had to work exceptionally hard against a field of talented drivers. KC Ensor-Smith, who travelled from Gauteng, utilized the race as valuable testing on the wet surface ahead of the upcoming National event. Storm Lanfear, known for his wet weather expertise, earned a well-deserved podium finish. Muhammad Wally, another out-of-town racer, narrowly missed out on a podium position. Matthew Wadeley displayed his skills in the wet conditions, while Ethan Stier had a steady performance. Rookie Julius Schwager continued to impress, further establishing himself in the field. Unfortunately, GTC driver Andrew Rackstraw encountered difficulties after a challenging qualifying session in the morning while Ashton Repsold, Zac Laden, Olerato Sekudu, and Gabriele Gazzilli rounded out the results.

Visser left his mark on the race, showcasing his talent and setting the stage just under a month before the RMC National event. The upcoming National promises to be a true spectacle, as more than 25 of the best Senior drivers in the country will converge on Killarney. Visser’s strong performance at this regional race serves as a statement of his capabilities and sets the stage for an exciting and highly competitive event.

DD2 (15th birthday +) and DD2 Masters (32nd birthday +)

DD2 featured 14 entries, including the Masters category. The spotlight was firmly on multiple national champion Bradley Liebenberg, who delivered a remarkable performance, stealing the show on the slippery track.

Liebenberg showcased his exceptional skills, displaying the prowess that has earned him multiple national championships. He dominated the local competition, carving his way around the track with precision. Sebastian Boyd, despite struggling to find the ideal setup on used wet tires, secured a commendable second place, accumulating valuable points for his regional championship campaign. Jason Coetzee rounded out the podium, securing a solid third-place finish.

Behind them, Joseph Oelz encountered challenges throughout the race but managed to claim the position of the best of the rest in fourth place while Reza Levy demonstrated his comfort in the wet conditions, deservingly securing third place in Race 2. Conor Hughes, competing in the DD2 Masters category, showcased his abilities by qualifying second overall and when combined with the DD2 drivers, finished in sixth place. Jaden Jacobs and Kian Grottis faced difficulties throughout the day, with Grottis finding solace in his pre-running experience, particularly in dry conditions, in preparation for the upcoming RMC National event.

The Regional Championship in the DD2 class is alive and well, with fierce competition among the participants. Among the local drivers, Sebastian Boyd emerged as the most satisfied, securing second place overall. However, if rain becomes a factor in Round 3 of the RMC National event, the Cape Town drivers will need to step up their game to challenge the dominance of Bradley Liebenberg. Liebenberg’s exceptional performance serves as a reminder of his skill and experience, making him a formidable force in the competition. As the Regional Championship progresses and the drivers gear up for the upcoming RMC National, all eyes will be on Liebenberg and the local contenders as they seek to elevate their performance and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.


DD2 Masters featured eight entries and the competition was intense, with Conor Hughes showcasing exceptional wet weather form.

Hughes displayed remarkable skills in the wet conditions, qualifying on the front row overall and securing the win in the Masters category. Jared Jordan emerged victorious in the first race, navigating the slippery track on slick tires. His second-place finish in Race 2 resulted in a tie with Hughes for the day’s overall points. Neville Chapman made a triumphant return, achieving his first podium in the series and impressing in his first-ever wet race and Andrew Thomas secured fourth place, improving upon his previous results. Niel Lambrechts, also experiencing his first outing in the rain, left a strong impression while Johan Hamman and Michael Jordan faced challenging outcomes in the race.

The battle between Conor Hughes and Jared Jordan is shaping up to be a thrilling regional rivalry. Both drivers showcased their skills and determination, locked in a competitive fight for supremacy. As they carry their high confidence to the upcoming RMC National event, they will undoubtedly aim to continue their impressive performances and make their mark on a larger stage. The DD2 Masters class in the Western Province Kart Championships is providing exciting and closely contested racing, adding an extra level of anticipation and excitement for both the drivers and spectators.


WP Clubmans had a modest entry list of six drivers. Despite the smaller field, Luca Wehrli showcased his speed and experience in the challenging track conditions, comfortably securing two wins.

Wehrli demonstrated his prowess in the wet conditions, disappearing into the distance with two commanding victories as PJ Garbutt continued his strong season with a second-place finish, further consolidating his consistent performances ahead of Christopher Flack, who impressed with his wet weather skills, securing a spot on the podium. Sean le Riche displayed determination, earning a respectable third-place finish in both races, narrowly missing out on a podium position and Jade Smith navigated the tricky conditions well, securing fifth and Jason McArthur made a decent return to racing.

Although the WP Clubmans had a smaller entry list, the drivers who participated thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the slippery track. Luca Wehrli’s dominant performances highlighted his experience and skill in adverse conditions. However, the battles behind him were fierce, particularly among PJ Garbutt, Christopher Flack, and Sean le Riche. These drivers showcased their competitive spirit, providing exciting racing and ensuring that the fight for positions was intense throughout the day.

The dedication and enthusiasm of the WP Clubmans drivers were evident. The passion for karting and the thrill of competing in challenging conditions created an enjoyable experience for both the racers and spectators.


Round 4 of the Western Province Kart Championships showcased the skills and determination of the talented drivers across multiple classes. From dominant performances to fierce battles, the event provided thrilling racing action for both drivers and spectators.

Notable drivers such as Yaqeen Gamieldien, Keagan Beaumont, and Bradley Liebenberg asserted their dominance in their respective classes, solidifying their positions as frontrunners. The Gauteng drivers showcased their wet weather prowess, while local talents displayed their skills and potential on their home circuit.

As the Regional Championship progresses, the drivers have their eyes set on the upcoming Rotax and Rok Nationals, where they will compete against the best drivers from across the country. The experience gained from the Regional races will undoubtedly be invaluable in their preparations for these prestigious National events.

Looking ahead, the next Regional race is scheduled for 19 August, providing a significant break for drivers to fine-tune their strategies and further enhance their skills.

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