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January 16, 2023 2 min read

The current Formula One champion Red Bull team welcomed the kid of Juan Pablo Montoya. The son of a tiger is unquestionably a painted portrait.

Sebastián Montoya, the son of Juan Pablo Montoya, revealed that he will join the Red Bull Junior Team for the 2023 season after participating in the Red Bull Athletes program, indicating a bright future. Like his father, the 17-year-old rider joined the team as an official driver with the intention of making it to Formula 1.

Through his Instagram, Montoya said: “Excited to announce that I am now part of Red Bull’s Official Junior Team. Last year I was part of the brand’s athletes and now we are working together for the ultimate goal: F1.” . Likewise, the team celebrated his signing by assuring: “Born into a racing family, Sebastián Montoya hopes to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, Juan Pablo, and compete in Formula 1.”

In addition to this new accomplishment, Sebastián had previously made other significant career advancements, such as making his Formula 3 debut with the Campos Racing team; participating in the Italian Formula 4 and the German Formula 4, both of which had significant performances; and more.
Sebastián Montoya aims to make the most of the chances provided by joining Red Bull in order to eventually make his Formula 1 debut and become the third member of his native Colombia to do so.

Juan Pablo Montoya, a two-time Indianapolis 500 champion and seven-time Grand Prix champion, is Sebastian's father. He was born and reared in Miami. It's not unexpected that he began racing at a young age, even though Formula 1 wasn't always his goal.

“To be honest, when I was little I really liked motocross, because my uncle raced enduro in Colombia and he was a KTM official,” Sebastián Montoya, explained to Motorsport.com about two years ago.

“I liked him, but then when I was seven years old, I did my first go-kart race, and from there, go-karting took over. Obviously, when you go to go-kart racing, some people see you as Montoya’s son, and that is important”.

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