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October 19, 2022 2 min read

We sell only genuine go kart parts from trusted manufacturers such as OTK (Original Tony Kart), including, Tony Kart, Exprit, Kosmic, Lando Norris, and Redspeed at www.ftwmotorsport.com

The OTK Kart Group, a leader in the karting industry and an Italian manufacturer, is known for its Tony Kart brand. The brand was established in the 1960s and has grown alongside the competitive sport of competition karting, initially in Italy and subsequently globally. The biggest of Tony Kart's successes occurred in the 1980s when, with their newly purchased property, they transformed their tiny craft business into a legitimate manufacturing firm designed for the karting industry. The addition of the green color to the chassis, which still distinguishes the Tony Kart brand today and was developed through time to become a significant signature for the triumphs attained and the quality provided, served as a visual representation of this.

Tony Kart has always been known for its cutting-edge innovations, which are the result of a persistent research and development program that has been assiduously working for more than 30 years alongside the Tony Kart Racing Team in the most prestigious championships in the world. All advancements that were developed and implemented for the most competitive karting events are incorporated into the karts that OTK sells to the general public, which continue to be its main focus. This is consistent with Tony Kart's idea, which is to reflect the highest expression in terms of quality and performance.

All Tony Kart products are in fact joint partners in terms of quality and performance. It was required to concentrate the design and production of all chassis components for Tony Kart exclusively inside the OTK Kart Group manufacturing facilities in order to fulfill the goal of fusing these two traits. In order to ensure the greatest products and best performance for the end consumers that use Tony Kart around the world, OTK retains complete control over the whole design and production process.

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