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New version used on ROK CUP by Vortex

ENI KART 2T is a synthetic lubricant with castor oil for two-stroke engine motors, specifically formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of high-speed engines. The product should be used by preparing the mixture manually, in percentages recommended by the manufacturers. It is suitable for mixing with gasoline with or without lead, for both cooled water and air motors.

  • Viscosity at 100 ° C mm² / s 11.3
  • Viscosity at 40 ° C mm² / s 77
  • Viscosity Index - 137
  • Flammability Point V.A. ° C 204
  • Bulk density at 15 ° C kg / l 0.934

The special formulation of KART 2T ensures perfect lubrication thanks to exceptional anti-seize properties, even at very high speeds. The special synthetic bases combined with an exclusive additive also provide cleaning in the thermal group components and anti-wear protection levels as well as high temperature thermo-oxidation stability. The product ensures the cleaning of the discharge lights and reduces the formation of deposits in the combustion chamber.

Product approved for official competitions