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February 15, 2023 9 min read

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Saturday’s race was a huge milestone for the WPMC Karting Club as the 2023 season kicked off in style. To see the pits so full of life and the grids stacked with so much talent is a true joy to see. 

With temperatures close to 40 degrees on Saturday, it was a proper scorcher but still, the crowds came out in full force.  

It’s the first time in a long time that all the pit facilities have been occupied and now the club is in need of further expansion to accommodate the huge growth we have seen over the past year.

Hat’s off to all involved who made the race day what it was. Now let’s focus on our amazing drivers and their achievements on race day.

Bambino (5th – 9th birthday)

Michael O’Mahoney (RDSA Topkart) claimed his first career clean sweep taking the pole position and 3 race wins. It was a very dominant driving display for the young man who is now in his 2nd year of racing. On top of this impressive record, he also set the fastest lap time in all the sessions on the day. He has definitely stated his intentions for the year.

Radhi Harris (ANGRI Topkart) has a fantastic debut that he can be very proud of. He showed some true resilience and a great range of skills when it comes to his racecraft. Very well done to take P2 for the day.

Jacques Lewis (Topkart) is another driver who has seen improvements since last year and with his display of driving managed to claim P3 over his peers. Top job!

Finishing P4 and P5 with their career-best finishes were, RDSA driver Caleb Lingeveldt and Slater Smith (Topkart). The pair finished on identical points and also tied on point with Lewis ahead. To have 3 drivers on the same points tally speaks volumes about how close the racing was and how close the entire season could be for the podium spots.

Jake Steyn (Topkart) was another first-time driver who held his own. A great P6 to kick things off for himself. He finished ahead of a flying Carter Cedras (Topkart) who had a tough day in the seat. Yaqeen Gamieldien (Topkart) is one to watch this season. His confidence and ability is on the rise and he showed great character to finish P2 in Race 3.

Ray du Toit (ANGRI Topkart) and Ebrahim Khalpey (Topkart) rounded off the grid.

Bambino Karters in Cape Town

BAMBINO: P1 M.O’Mahoney, P2 R.Harris, P3 J.Lewis.

Micro MAX (7th – 12th birthday)

Before we get into the results we just want to wish Ruben Gelderblom, Mia Hermanus and Zac Hindley a speedy recovery. It’s never nice to see drivers get taken off in an ambulance and sent to the hospital. It’s a strong reminder that our sport can be dangerous when things go wrong. It is important that these kids get taught the proper starting procedures so that we can avoid future mishaps on the formation laps.

On to the racing!

A high flying start for tough competitor Michael Danks (BirelArt) who grabbed 3 out of 3 wins. Even when the chips were stacked against him he bounced back and looked a deserved winner, top class driver.

Liam Wharton (CRG) started this season how he ended last season, on fire! P2 and a lot more to come from this youngster.

Kiyaan Reddi (Stier Racing BirelArt) fended off the chasing pack for a close finishing P3 on the day. A solid debut for the young driver in his first WP Regional event.

Michael O’Mahoney (RDSA CRG) and Carter Cedras (CRG) pushed their absolute limits. Both drivers took part in 2 classes on race day and showed real heart and determination in temperatures which reached over 35 degrees. P4 and P5 for the pair.

Jayden van der Merwe (Black Widow Racing CRG) was close behind the pair in front but is still adjusting to having moved up a class from Bambinos. A quick learner, he will no doubt catch up soon.

Ruan Lewis (CRG)  and Ashaan Reddi (Stier Racing BirelArt) were next up. The pair enjoyed their own little battle which in the end was settled by a 3-point gap. Epic racing boys!

Aiden Beauomont (Strive Racing CRG) tumbled down the order after his DQ due to a weight infringement in race 2. He no doubt will bounce back.

Zac Hindley, Ruben Gelderblom and Mia Hermanus rounded off the results. All 3 drivers were not able to take part in race 3 after that ugly accident we saw on the formation lap. Once again we hope the injuries sustained are not too serious and we wish them a speedy recovery.


Mini ROK (8th – 13th birthday)

Sebastiano Human (OTK) kicked off his 2023 campaign with a strong showing. It was a competitive field with 10 drivers ready for the challenge but on the day he was the man to beat. P1 and a good chunk of points to add.

Zac Boshoff (Exprit) defied all odds as a rookie driver. He drove well beyond his years and took a heroic P2. Older brother Max Boshoff (Exprit) was on course to win all 3 races but an upset in Race 3 ruined what could have been a perfect day. P3 and still good points for him completing the double Boshoff podium.

Daniel Arendse (OTK) and Logan Roerig (Exprit) were next up on the results sheet. Tight racing and a good pace from these 2. Improvements are to come so watch out.

Aadiv Singh (Exprit), Ruhan Victor (OTK) and Max Denisov (OTK) kept up the tight mid-pack battles on track. 3 drivers departed by 3 points on the final standings. Their racing will make for a good spectacle in the next round.

Ethan Azar (OTK) and Onwabile Mcinga (OTK) were the last 2 on the list. It’s still early days and still lots to learn. It’s going to be awesome to watch the progression in this field of drivers.

MINI ROK: P1 S.Human, P2 Z.Boshoff, P3 M.Boshoff.

Mini MAX (9th – 14th birthday)

Controversy and drama littered this field of these 7 crazy fast drivers.

After some post-race reviews, the stewards decided to scrap the results of race 3 and just have race 1 and race 2 count for points. Something that is almost unheard of but a decision that will have a great impact on the championship.

Aiden Beaumont (Strive Racing CRG) came out on the top step racking up the best points between the 2 races. He didn’t have it all his own way and had to fight hard to maintain his position. Great drive from the youngster.

Cody Schultz (EMR Kartsport Kosmic) is no doubt the newest star in the class. On debut, he took the fight straight to the top togs and managed an epic P2. His oval track racing experience really came to the forefront and he made the racing that much more exciting to watch.

Older brother Keagan Beaumont (Strive Racing CRG) saw himself in the wars despite seeing himself up to a second quicker than anyone else on track at some stages. Unfortunately, you still have to put it all together and P3 was the best he could manage on the day.

Liam Koekemoer (LN Kart) and Nicholas Lennox (RS Kart) battled it out fiercely and came oh-so-close to a podium spot. No doubt they will keep pushing the top boys for those precious podium spots.

Franco Bensch (Black Widow Racing Kosmic) had a great debut race and is learning at a rapid rate. In this class the racing is tough but he showed he can handle it. Rounding off the grid was rookie driver Aleksandar Praizovic (OTK).


Junior MAX (12th – 16th birthday)

Reese Koorzen (RKT/Boss Boyd CRG) continues to set the standard. He is on his own planet at the moment and with another 3 race wins on Saturday,  he has taken his crazy winning streak to 24 straight wins in a row at WP regionals.

Behind Koorzen the racing was super tight!

Jordon Wadeley (EMR Kartpsort CRG) took a hard-fought P2 in what will be his first full year in Junior Max after stepping up from Mini Max. He is showing some great potential and is already putting his name up there with some of the best. He couldn’t have asked for a better start to his season.

William Marshall (ANGRI Exprit) made his first appearance in the class and is another driver who has stepped up. He showed some real class and took a well-earned P3. 

Matthew Chiwara (ANGRI Sodi Kart) also got himself involved in the mix. A good debut with lots to take from it. P4 is a top result in this field.

Ethan Deacon (Stier Racing RS Kart) had a tough day in the office and found himself swamped by all the new kids on the block. He will no doubt bounce back in the next one. With the next race only in April, it will give him the chance to get used to his new shiny red RS Kart.

Deep into the midpack battle we go and here we find Keagan Beaumont (Strive Racing CRG) who went head-to-head with Joshua Smit (LN Kart). This duo really locked horns on Saturday and got the elbows way out. For the spectators, it was to get your money’s worth of entertainment but for the parents, it must have been nail-biting! 

Jude Stuart (CRG) looked great in his new look CRG with the updated body kit. He will be hoping to march up the order as the year progresses.

Cole Hewston (CRG) and James Nash (OTK) rounded off the results of this exciting pack. Keep an eye out for these boys, the racing should only get better as we tick through the rounds.

karting south africa

JUNIOR MAX: P1 R.Koorzen, P2 J.Wadeley, P3 W.Mashall.

Senior MAX (14th birthday +)

Reigning National Champion Charl Visser (OTK) had to dig deep to fend off the hot pursuit from behind. His experience kept him ahead as he drove to a masterclass of 3 out of 3 wins. If you look at how competitive this class is in Cape Town it is no wonder we have had the National Champion come from WP since 2020.

Matthew Wadeley (EMR Kartsport CRG) gets our vote as a driver of the day in this field. Fast pace, consistent and some cracking overtakes made by this young man. He really seems to be on his way to becoming an elite competitor. A very well-deserved P2.

Ethan Stier (Stier Racing RS Kart) will be disappointed with himself but in all honesty, he should still be proud of his achievement. His qualifying time of 40.842 gave him pole position and although he had some mishaps he still grabbed a podium spot and some decent points. A little more work on his racecraft and he will be right up there with the best where he belongs.

Punching well above his weight was the newcomer Zac Laden (ANGRI LN Kart). He has only completed a handful of races but he looks right at home in his brand-new Lando Norris Kart. The boys ahead better watch out because he is coming!

Storm Lanfear (RDSA/Cycle of Life Kosmic) what a legend! He fitted the new tyre compound on for the first time on race day and managed to make a terrific karting return. P5 overall but spent most of the time fighting for podium spots and showing the guys what a defensive masterclass looks like.

Lucas Aladag (ANGRI LN Kart) and Julius Schwager (Kosmic) had solid debuts and will be keen to progress to the next round.

karting cape town


DD2 (15th birthday +) and DD2 Masters (32nd birthday +)

Joseph Oelz (LN Kart) was the man to beat. Under pressure, he kept his cool and held on for 3 victories. He never looked like cracking even when his rivals were breathing right down his neck. A true champion’s drive, this year is going to be fascinating to watch.

Jason Coetzee (Exprit) debuted his new look livery which really stands out on track. His performance also stood out as he was able to wedge his way in between arguably South Africa’s best 2 DD2 drivers at the moment. 

Sebastian Boyd (Boss Boyd Freight BirelArt) took the last podium spot but with his high standards will be frustrated with the weekend. He always pushes himself to be in the top spot so look out for a comeback as he seeks to pull those points back.

Storm Lanfear (RDSA/Cycle of Life Kosmic) and an impressive debut from Jaden Jacobs (CRG) rounded off the grid.

DD2: P1 J.Oelz, P2 J.Coetzee P3 S.Boyd.


Conor Hughes (OTK) was business as usual as he continued his pure dominance in the Master Class. Over the past few years, few have been able to beat him at his home track. 3 wins and a great start to his 2023 season.

Jared Jordan (Jordan Racing CRG) was best of the rest and beat out his younger brother Michael Jordan (Jordan Racing BirelArt) who completed the podium.

Steve Beaumont (Strive Racing CRG) was back in the seat after sidelining himself to focus on his 2 sons’ racing. Having done next to no mileage to prepare he did well to finish P4.

Eugene Clark (CRG) also made his karting return and will always now be remembered for his Lacoste Racing shoes while Neville Chapman (Jordan Racing BirelArt) and Christopher Flack (CRG) rounded off the Master’s grid.

DD2 MASTERS: P1 C.Hughes, P2 J.Jordon, P3 M.Jordon.


A hugely successful race day has set the tone for a stellar 2023 season.

We have a bit of a break now till the next round as the Rotax Nationals Round 1 will be happening in due course in KZN. After that, we will be headed back to the Cape for Round 2 of the Regional Championship.

Again well done to all the competitors and we hope you use this time wisely to practice and prepare for the next one.

Be there or be square.

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