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November 15, 2022 3 min read

Noah Milell takes first position in the KZ2 class with our Racer 401 RR during the opening competition at the International Naples Circuit. In the OK final, Joseph Turney battles for the win. There were drivers racing in the OKJ and MINI divisions as well.

The Tony Kart Racing Team confirms that it will be quick and competitive in the opening round of the WSK Final Cup, which is being held at the International Naples Circuit in Sarno, one month after the global success in OKJ. As always, the star of the show is our Tony Kart Racer 401 RR, which is powered by the RTZ/RSZ (KZ2), DST (OK), and DJT (OKJ) Vortex engines from the OTK Kart Group. The Tony Kart Rookie and the Vortex MCX engine are also on the track in the MINI division.

One of the main characters in Sunday's championship game of KZ2 is Noah Milell. The KZ 2021 world champion and vice world champion in force, who finished fourth in the pre-final and set the fastest time in the morning warm-up, plays his cards right away and enters the competition for first place right away. The Swedish driver follows the race leader closely throughout the entire race but is unable to make the winning move. With the second and last round of the Lonato race coming up, Milell's second place is still valuable because the Swedish driver is still very much in the running for the championship.Tom Leuillet proves to be immediately at ease and fast on his debut with our colours, as witnessed by the fastest laps in the pre-final and the final that he records.

With a haul of two victories and one fastest lap, Joseph Turney uses all of his experience on the circuit to seize the lead of the intermediate ranking following the qualifying heats in OK. The WSK Super Master Series champion also attests to his success in the A pre-final. The British driver gets overtaken in the critical final after having led for a significant portion of the race, but he loses the podium spot owing to a 5-second time penalty for having the front spoiler in the incorrect position.
Congratulations to James Egozi, who after a strong weekend was once again able to bring home a Top 10. The second place finish earned by the American driver in the B Prefinal is crucial for the championship score ranking. In his second outing in the master category of single-gear karts, Jan Przyrowski is also developing. The Polish driver finishes second and records a quick lap in the preliminary round and gains 10 spots in the final. Sebastiano Pavan made his racing team debut with us, however he was forced to retire in the championship race despite starting the weekend with the fourth-best performance in Group 1 of the chrono practices.

Our greatest driver in OKJ is Alp Hasan Aksoy. The Turkish driver starts the qualifying heats on Friday in fourth place in Group 2 and finishes the weekend with two victories and two fastest laps. In the final, Aksoy starts from the outside trajectory, which penalizes him and prohibits him from performing to the best of his abilities. Enzo Tarnvanichkul, who won the title of OKJ World Champion exactly one month ago at Sarno, further demonstrates his excellent track knowledge by setting the fastest time in Group 2 of the qualifying heats and finishing on the podium three times. However, a stop in heat A-B penalises the Thai in the intermediate ranking, however he is nevertheless able to finish in the Top 10 of the final.

The MINI category. With Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi and Ludovico Mazzola on our team, we had a double appearance in the championship. The Italian wins the warm-up race on Sunday morning and gains 11 positions in the final, while the Australian is adept at moving up as many as 52 positions in the qualifying heats and finishes in the Top 20.

The Tony Kart Racing team is prepared to compete in the KZ2, OK, OKJ, and MINI categories in the WSK Final Cup's grand final at South Garda Karting of Lonato (November 10–13).

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