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March 13, 2023 2 min read

The second round of ROK Cup Namibia took place in Namibia on the 11th of March. 

There were 4 Kid Rok karts and 3 Mini Rok karts on the grid, despite the incedible heat everyone was ready for a good day of racing!

KID ROK was the class to watch on the day with competitors swapping positions practically every lap, fantastic close racing. Pretrus du Plooy (#36) finished the day fourth behind Kristopher Koudelka (#16) who after some bad lack ended the day third. Milla Botha (#5) finished the day on the second step of the podium with Herman Schouw (#15) on the top step, winning the day. 

In the Mini Rok class, Cecil Koors (#44) was the competitor on form with a lap time of 40.25s, he won the day. Kirsten Koudelka (#24) finished on the second step of the podium with Joane Kotze (#12) on the final step, in what was her first race in the Mini Rok class. The fourth starter on the Mini Rok gird was unfortunately not able to attend. 

There were as many as four female drivers on the ROK grid this weekend, which the promoter hopes to increse for the next race. The next race is on the 15th of April in Swakopmund and 6 Mini ROK karters and 4 Kid ROK are expected to enter as the series picks up steam in Namibia. 

Head over to the ROKCUPSA Instagram page to see some photos from the day. As always, a huge thank you to the promoter and officials in Namibia that concluded another succesful and safe race day. 

If you are interested in taking part in the ROK CUP Namibia, or just joing them for a race please contact Cecil Koorts - +264 81 3003971




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