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February 16, 2023 2 min read

After months of rigorous testing, the Vortex VTS engine has proven its worth and is ready to compete in the inaugural OK-N Championship introduced by the FIA. The engine has shown exceptional performance, and with the help of FTW Motorsport, South Africa is proudly hosting the second race in the world!

The testing of the OK-N engine began last year in Italy, and it has gone through several stages of development to ensure it meets the standards of the FIA. Ricky Perdigao of Finely Tuned Engines (and RPM Motorsport) said, "We are thrilled with the performance of the OK-N engine. It has undergone rigorous testing, in the tight time frames we are working with, and we are confident that it will perform exceptionally well in the OK-N Championship and in the future to come"

The FIA has introduced the OK-N Championship to provide a platform for affordable and competitive kart racing. The championship is open to drivers from around the world, and it will take place on various racetracks across the globe. Neil Bassillio from NBR Racing said, "The OK-N Championship is a great platform for young drivers to develop their racing careers. We are looking forward to competing in the championship and showcasing our skills."

FTW Motorsport, partnered with Vortex to make sure the engines arrived in South Africa before the debut race at Formula K circuit in Benoni this weekend. Gary Lennon of FTW Motorsport the owner of the ROK series in Africa said, "It was not easy, but we are excited to showcase the OK-N class at this weekends MSA / Rok Northern Regions race. We want to thank the competitors who are making this weekends debut possible. We look forward to seeing a South African compete at the OK-N World Cup in 2024” 

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