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Exprit Mini Rookie 2020

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Exprit Kart

For the first homologation of the Mini CIK-FIA international class, Exprit is introducing the new 2020 Mini Rookie chassis, renewed in materials, frame geometries and equipped with the new M8 bodyworks and BSM5 brake system.
2020 is the year of the first homologationdedicated to the new Mini CIK-FIAinternational class. A historic occasion, to which Expritis presenting with a new chassis, result of an intense year of work carried out by the R&D departmentof the OTK Kart Group engaged in testing and developing the material on the main circuits, both in Italy and abroad, with several models of tyres.
A sinergythat allowed us to gain lots of results over the years and that, this time as well, led us to present a product that is the best compromise to guarantee top performances and, at the same time, great ease of drive and adjustmentof the kart.
The frameof our new Mini Rookie has gone through a few technical changes, resulting from the adaptation to the new regulation for minikart. The innovations regard both the materialsused and geometries, but also a few components. Among the main changes, we have the new adjustable footrest, useful to adapt the driving position to the different heights of the drivers in this category.
Besides this, we are also introducing a new pedals fixing system, allowing a rapid mounting of the rudder pedals, directly constrained to the pedal supports welded to the frame, increasing the stiffness and safety.
For the Mini, as for the chassis of the superior classes, the lower adjustable seat supports are used in order to make the mounting in different positions easier.
Regarding the ergonomic point of view, the new chassis is supplied as standard equipment with the inclined steering wheel hub, besides the steering wheel, already in use, specifically developed for the small hands of the 60 mini drivers.
The brake systemis the BSM5model, already tested and proven to be at the top in terms of efficiency and performance. Equipped with self-adjusting brake pedal for the brake pads wear, the brake uses a 160 mm diameter self-ventilated disc and is characterized by the ergal pump with oil tank and the brake pipes covered with an aeronautical flexible steel mesh.
Another innovation on the 2020 Mini Rookie is the new M8 bodyworks kit, developed in the wind tunnel and already tested with excellent results on superior category karts: the new number plate with high aerodynamic efficiency and the new front spoiler, higher than the one in the past, can undoubtedly make the difference in the performances characterizing this category